When I review my photos, I realize how much we pack into our life. 

Since I last posted we

Put on our Bows and Bow ties

Delivered Quilts to the Babies

Decked the Halls

and had a hoedown around the Christmas Tree

Which doesn’t seem like much until you realize that we achieved all this plus a dose of Tonsillitis in a matter of 9 days!

We also had a first!  Our first visit to the dentist


Seriously loved the chair going up and down and being able to watch Dora at the same time was a bonus.

IMG_1744 IMG_1743 

With years of orthodontic work ahead of us, it was comforting to not have a battle!  Also seriously embarrassing when Max got out of the chair and went looking for his reward.  When Dr. John gave him his toothbrush, he politely said “no thanks, lollipop please”! 

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