Bows and Bow Ties

IMGP0453My daughter’s school have this fabulous night that encourages all the girls and the main man in their life, to come together for a night of good food and great dancing. Nights like these, truly reflect how fast time seems to fly and while I still see this little face when I look at her, she really has grown into this beautiful girl

IMG_2037 IMG_2042

IMG_2045Yet it is comforting to know that while she has grown up on the outside, she has not lost any of her inherited gifts.

IMG_2046 IMG_2048 IMG_2052 IMG_2053

Of course the old boy scrubs up quite well too and Flossy reported that he only embarrassed her a few times with this “pogo stick” form of dancing. She found it hard to believe that at some stage in my life I actually thought that this mode of dancing was cute and one of the many attributes that led me to marry her father!

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