Girls Just Want to Have Fun

We are finally reveling in summer holidays and all the sleeping in that this can bring! Before getting there, we had to have our “Moving Up Ceremony” and of course enjoyed watching Flossy receive a couple of prizes in the process.


With the formal part over, it was off to (the first of many)movies and lunch


With school signed off, it was on to end of year recitals with several performances that truly showcased the talents of our “delightful” 15 year old! I love the ease of this photo – they are sitting on a stool in front of a magnificent Steinway Grand in a concert hall where the likes of the Emerson String Quartet play…this is where our kids are lucky enough to also perform and yes – play the Steinway!


The three of us were (quietly) enjoying the absence of our dear MM!



Flossy has been blessed with a phenomenal teacher – Matt Van Brink who offers her the gift of music and comedy all rolled into one.


But summer just wouldn’t be summer without several concerts!

First it was Demi Lovato….I drove 1.5 hours to Hartford, had quality time with the Goddess, picked the concert girls up and drove another 1.5 hours home. Thelaughter and joy of the concert radiating from their faces.


Soon it will be JONAS!! Then a Yankee game at the new stadium and finally Taylor Swift…..the pleasures of living in NYC!

Of course the new Wii is bringing father and daughter together like all the games that they play. I now have to run Wii Intervention and hide the remotes.


Whatever summer brings … it will be enjoyed to the fullest!


Unless it is Wii Tennis against your father…I am just thankful that the controllers come with padding.

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