Gifts for Me!


I recently wrote about the gift of giving and the joy it can bring.  Well I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end recently of some very special gifts.

Pamela created this beautiful Valentine Gift. IMG_1431

Alas it got lost in the mail and then blessings were on our side as it was found again - much to mine and Pamela’s joy.

Betti created this beautiful Alice plaque in celebration of our upcoming retreat - Taking Tea with Alice. IMG_0912

Betti is one of the original Alumni for Art Is…You.  A vibrant, NYC girl on 5th Avenue who brings life and love to all our gatherings.    She is a survivor too and was supportive when I experienced the woe’s of Mammograms…she is my friend.

And finally a gift that I bought for myself and for my sister.  Jill has this fabulous Etsy site and blog that she shares with her sisters and mother.  A wonderfully creative girl who touched my heart recently with her wonderful houses. 


Because I left the majority of my treasures at home (because …. You know…. We were only going to be in NYC for a moment), I have come to collect and surround myself with treasures from my travels, from artists that I admire and from friends that I love. 


There is such a huge part of me that wishes with every breath that I was at home with my family and my friends. 

Yet in that same breath I know that had I not taken this path I would not be celebrating the joys that life has given me. 

Delight in another child and the bliss of wonderful friends.

The lessons learned on this journey, and contentment knowing that I am, in some ways, a better person for all of these experiences. 


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Jill said...

aww! So glad you like the house! thanks for the linkage! you've accumulated some neat treasures there. and i would have LOVED to have been in on the whole cereal box adventure - that looked like so much fun! thanks again!