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Ever get the feeling sometimes when you meet someone that you have found a kindred spirit?    Last night I did.  I met a wonderful artist, with a generous spirit.  A uniquely  talented and humble man comfortable in the spotlight yet quietly clever at turning the spotlight on others. 

His name - Michael Albert!  IMG_1475

In the backroom of our community library, Michael spent the afternoon sharing his passion for Cerealism!  What a treat it was for those who came to the workshop.  They listened to his story then out came the cereal boxes.

IMG_1468IMG_1470I must say the luxury of living in the good ole USA!!! Does anyone realize just how many cereal boxes you can choose from and then don’t get me started on the Pop Tart boxes, snack boxes and candy boxes….the choices are limitless. 

Then it truly was ON for young and old…cardboard flying, “does anyone have a V?” and the collective scurrying as people buried into the hidden treasures to find a V.  “I have a W if anyone needs it!”


The afternoon rolled on with people coming and going with their new treasure, a new passion and obviously a new way of looking at the cereal aisle in their local store. 

Even his kids got into the act as they returned from a full day of camp and it didn’t take much cajoling for their friends (and parents) to join in the fun.  IMG_1469I am thrilled to have met Michael and equally excited about planning some projects with him in conjunction with Art Is…You.   In the meantime I just purchased cereal for Africa!  I am so  glad my husband likes marshmallows in his cereal… IMG_1471

Buy Michael’s book


Visit his website 

But importantly, support your public library.  This event did not cost anything to participate in and each child walked away with an autographed poster of their choice.  Michael is the epitome of the BIG GIVE.

P.S. Hey mum, get the crew to save their Australian boxes and  bring them with you!!


P.P.S. One very happy librarian received a very special gift. While sharing a meal with her, Michael sat and sketched….

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pamelahuntington said...

Hi Sal,
What a wonderful post, I so enjoyed your writing about Michael, his
work is fabulous! And I love your
blog banner... Rose is so pretty and
Max is such a doll...Mom and Dad are