The day we said goodbye to Grammie

You know you are part of a family when you are included in one of life’s special moments.

Grammie was a fireman’s wife, a mother, a volunteer and a friend to many. She was my friend’s Mum.

As well as her formal protestant send off Grammie was given a wonderful blessing by the freemasons.

They lay these flowers at her graveside and explained the symbolism behind each color:

“Universally, blue denotes immortality, eternity, chastity, and fidelity. Pale or light blue in particular represents prudence and goodness. Blue is symbolic for the vault of heaven, which embraces and covers the globe, and this reminds us that in the breast of every one, love and friendship should be equally as extensive. Universally, red is the emblem of faith, fortitude and divine love. Green has always been regarded as the symbol of gladness and abundance. Yellow or gold symbolizes the sun and therefore constancy.”

I was touched by the meaning behind these flowers.

We sent pink balloons off to her and we celebrated her life with laughter and tears.

I love the rituals of life.
They keep us grounded.
They make us stop.
They allow us to breathe.
They keep us whole.

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