It is a bit sad when your mother has to skype in singing happy birthday to herself to remind you what the date is….and then have to request her own Birthday Blog Entry!! Oh well….at least I can argue the time difference....Well I could have a few days ago but it is now three days later so I have not a leg to stand on!

Mum, Kari, Renny, Granny, Gaga, Gran….she will answer to most things and knowing which side his bread is buttered on, her favorite engineeriing son in law calls her T.U.B (The Ultimate Boss) or is it because she buys him really cool Bonds undies and cooks so he can eat for six months after she has gone home again?

As I grow up (yes I still think I have a lot of growing up to do and I am sure my siblings would agree), and I do things for my own children….like cakes for birthdays at school, sewing costumes for the school play, covering text books for the library….I think of mum. I only do these things because I was shown how, taught by the best.
You know this statement is true.

And we all milk it as much as we can…

Her grandchildren from a very early age worked out that if they wanted a book covered, or present wrapped…they would just say “Gran will do it“.

There is my brother who subtly leaves the eggs, tins of tuna, milk, butter etc out on the kitchen bench...knowing that she can't resist making a Tuna Mornay.

My sister will leave the ground beef, tomatoes, onions on the bench for the same reason....the assurity of coming home to find a pot of wonderful mince prepared and ready for consumption.

She is the queen of pancakes. NO ONE makes pancakes like Gran and they are inhaled as fast as she turns them out.

She is loved by her family.

She is surrounded by a wonderful clan of friends.

Whatever she ever does, is done ONCE and done WELL ...(actually magnificently)

She consistently gives never expecting to receive.

She remembers everyone's birthdays and celebrates our achievements proudly.

We have been blessed that while living in NYC, Dad has made it possible for her to come every year to share in our experiences here, meet our friends and to just BE a mum and granny. No museums for this girl - take her to Super Stop n Shop, Costco, Woodbury Common, Quilt/Yarn Shops and she is one very very happy lady.....as Neil says a cheap date...But don't take her to the pumpkin farm in the fall because her hands will turn blue rendering her productivity at an all time low. Not good when dinner is required the same night.

I distinctly remember a significant bonding experience that Neil and Mum had when I was in hospital awaiting Max's arrival. He took her to Costco and then down to visit me. She proudly announced that they had spent only $600 and proceeded to show me Neil's new shoes amongst other things....the two of them were so genuinely excited at their "success", I didn't have the heart to to exclaim that in three years I had never had an achievement such as theirs!

So whether you are genetically related to her....a friend of many years or a friend of more recent years, you know that Karenne is someone you can always count on and will never let you down.

Happy Birthday Gran. We love you!

P.S. How's that Gran?

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