The Night that Rozzi Danced

What a wonderful opportunity it was to see my childhood friend dance. Ros Warby (Rozzi to me) is cited as one of Australia's leading dancer-choreographers.

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It was a treat to drive into New York City with my dear friend and her daughter (who happens to be one of Flossy’s dear friends), to see Ros perform Monumental - an award-winning solo performance that incorporates film projection and solo cello.

Joy it was to sit with her mum. Somebody who once upon a time would have bounced me on her knee (about 40 plus years ago that is) and as I sat I became mesmerized by Ros and her fluid movements yet in my mind I was back sitting with my friend…the one with long pigtails and long bangs (fringe) and it felt like a life time ago. A time where life was simple and we were all so innocent, wrapped up in our own little worlds of dolls, dance and dreams.

Seeing first hand how Ros has fulfilled her dream made me joyful to the core.

I shed a little tear for time passed and worlds that have gone different places but that same tear was also one of great happiness. To think I was lucky enough to be in New York City when my childhood friend came to town to dance.

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