Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

I hear you! I am here! But where have I been?

Producing a musical

Flying with a two year old

Flying with a sleeping husband

Flying with a daughter upgraded to Business class

Bouncing nephews on my lap

Singing Ride a Horse to London

Doing Craft with J Man

Sleeping in - at least to 7.30am

Shopping for Flossy

Watching Nanny take a dive into the family mosh pit

Drinking tea with my favorite girls

Drinking stole's with my favorite boys

Helping Mum get more computer savvy

Helping dad find his hearing aids

Setting the Christmas table

Throwing balls to Millie

Pressing play on the DVD

Shopping for Flossy

Making sandcastles

Having dinner cooked for me (thank you Sa)

Floating in the pool

Bathing chubby bubbies

Doing more craft with J Man

Eating Rose's Birthday Cake (made by Aunty Sa)

Eating my birthday cake (actually did I get one Sa?)

Eating Sa's birthday cake

Eating hamburgers that actually have more than meat on the bun

Eating Meat Pies

Eating Sausage Rolls

Eating fish and chips

Eating Tim Tams and Choc Mint slices

Drinking Cappacino on the corso

Chasing Seagulls on the corso

Chasing Max on the corso

Shopping for Flossy on the corso

Flying with a two year old
Flying with a sleeping husband
Flying with a daughter upgraded to Business class

Coming back to a beautiful clean home (thank you Rob & Bel)



Ironing (actually visiting the ironing lady)

Sharing coffee with NY girlfriends who I love and missed

Creating with the Artgirlz

Coordinating the Enginner and Flossy's visit to DC for Jan 20

Shovelling snow


Getting Art is you online - http://www.art-is-you.com/

Marvelling at the team of Art Is girls ... Loretta, Pam, Terri, and the Goddess

Giving up my computer for Mighty Max's latest obsession

Giving up eating (not really)

Giving up sleeping in (really)

Discovering my crockpot - again

Pressing play on the new DVD that plays PAL DVD's

Watching Noni and John and feeling old

Singing along to the Wiggles when mighty max is at school

Fretting that I have not updated my blog for what seems like an eternity

Realizing that this is not a tragedy!

and today....enjoying a wonderful god given snowy, windy, SNOW DAY!

Love Sallianne


ILoveTimTamCookies said...

I saw that you loved Tim Tam cookies and wondered if you have you seen iloveTimTamCookies.com yet?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the crockpot - despite the 40 degree heat, ours is on today and smells so good : ) I'm impressed that you've found Noni and John on DVD!! we had fun watching our old Aladdin video the other day (actually, our original video is worn out, but i found a replacement at vinnies!) My new wardrobe was just delivered, so my task for the day is sorting out all my clothes... hopefully my enthusiasm will last until I get it all done! Hope you're not too freezing - build a snowman for me x