As Martha would say ... "it's a good thing"

My daughter and her friends did something special yesterday. Instead of a birthday party, she and her girlfriend invited a group of their classmates to join them in packing christmas stockings for children in an afterschool program at Abraham House ( in the Bronx.

Wonderful stockings from the Christmas Tree shop (Karenne's fav place) were filled with candies and treats for the children aged 7 - 11 years. Each girl brought in lovely gifts for their stocking buddy - it was wonderful to see.

We wrapped up lots of games for them to enjoy ... note the Battleship ... the Engineer said this was essential!

Each stocking received a tag and letter from the girls.

It was an afternoon where the girls laughed and chatted together whilst doing something nice for someone else. Sister Joan who collected the gifts was grateful and overwhelmed. She shared with them a little bit about Abraham House and assured them that their afternoon of stocking packing would bring great joy to the children who would ultimately receive these gifts at Christmas time. I hope this will become a small tradition that our girls will enjoy.



Happy Holidays!

Can't find your email address to send you a card...

~ Gabriela ~

Loretta said...

Merry Christmas, darling! You and your little brood are the very best!

Love from the Pomegranates