Art enjoy the moment you are in and relish the moments you have had!

I have been kept busy recently working on our website for Art is...You 2009. We have a wonderful faculty joining us this year who will bring such incredible talent and projects to the table. Attendees from the last year are already counting down the days. One person I am very excited about is the wonderful Nicole Chazaud Telaar who treated my mum and I like royalty when we spent a weekend away together making our felted rugs.

Our theme this year is Taking Tea with Alice and just look at one of the many items Nicole has created...

Clever Girl!!

Of course I have a daily reminder of home with boxes on the dining room table - one for my friend's mum who wanted an Obama Doll! One for my arty friend who needed her Debbie Mumm Calendar (I promise you will have it before the end of February!!), one for Ez who turns another year older and one for Chubby Bubby (below), who turns 1!! Don't worry Tman - I am just trying to finish your birthday DVD!!

I miss him and my Jman just a little bit too much! Riding a horse to London is just not the same when you haven't got 3 little boys bouncing on your knees!

Oh and the highlight of last week, was Max's yearly haircut! The last time it was done was March 2007. This time all plans for a trim to retain the curls went out the door (so did all the other customers) when he decided that a headlock was the only way his hair was being cut! So he got a Number 4. He was rewarded (for his brilliant behavior) with a lolly pop and the stylist and I got a couple of tylenol (panadol)! Sorry no photos as yet due to the camera being dropped in the snow.

Due to the tylenol not working...I had to take myself on an artful weekend escape with the delightful Mrs Pom, the wonderful Pamela Huntington and my partner in most things...(art, shopping, drinking, eating), El. My thoughts strayed to the girls at home and their Hunter Valley escapes, wishing I could be with them to enjoy their company and yet wishing they could be with me so that they could experience the extraordinary friendships that I have made with these wonderful women.

The amazing Jen of Earth Angels produced the second magnificent HeArt of Winter folk art show in the historic village of Warwick, NY and we were lucky enough to go to the show. With our appetite for art fulfilled, we then set about finding a place for tea. Charlotte's Tea Room hit the spot!

The evening was spent at Sleepy Valley Inn. Irish fish and chips, red wine, a little bit of creating, a little bit of magazine reading, topped off with our Valentine pots of sweetheart candy from Mrs Pom.

A wonderful way to close off the week and start the madness of this one! Musical rehearsals for Flossy, school for Mighty Max, work work work for the Engineer and then to me...where I have challenged myself to clean out one cupboard or drawer each day! At this point I can comfortably say, we could start our own stationery company.


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