You Say Ice Cream - I say I-ream

Picture this...the two year old has learnt a new word - I-ream (Ice Cream). He discovered the ice cream cones in the cupboard and brought them to me. So I jumped up repeated the word and offered to get him one.

Little did I know that the Engineer had finished it off and hidden the container in the bin (who does that?!!) I found the top off his plastic ice cream and put it on the cone. "No, No, No" was the response.

So I did what I thought I would never do....we picked up the keys and off in the car we went, to get I-ream. He would not let go of the cone, so we walked through the shops at peak after work time giving many people a giggle.

Found the Edy's (almost as good as Blue Ribbon) and it was on special (one fo the Engineer and one for everyone else). Came back home and with much lip smacking sounds and "mmmmmm" sounds we put i-ream in the cone, took one lick and said "licious"! and his mother agreed!

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