I've got the Music in Me

I can not believe that we are moving into Wednesday when the weekend feels like yesterday. A wonderful weekend with the Goddess visiting from CT enabling us to do some Art Is...You prep work.

We had dinner with our wonderful friends Doris and Gwen who are phenomenal doll artists and who have equally wonderful souls. Maxamillion sat at the head of the table and showed his delight in having everyone surrounding him.

We made a very successful purchase - the good old portable CD player. Max knows how to stop, start, FF, RWD and even change the CD!

The first time he put the earphones on and listened the look in his eyes can only be described as sparkling with delight and amazement. He changes the songs he doesn't like and then bops to the ones he does. Here he is listening to the Wiggles singing "Rockabye your bear"...bears now asleep - shh shh shh!

We are hoping that when it comes to sitting on an aeroplane for 20 hours in December, that he will enjoy 20 hours of headphones!!

Of course he was also delighted that Papa sent him a Wiggles DVD (thank you Sunday Telegraph) to preview on the Engineer's laptop - thanks Papa.

Wish us luck tomorrow. We always wear our lucky Bonds Singlet when we visit Dr Shanske. I have managed to gather a bundle of board books from friends to drop in the shelves in the sparse waiting room and I look forward to connecting with the lovely staff who care so much about our boy.

Postscript: Granny has her bags packed already!

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JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Max has really grown and still a cutie pie as ever. Those eyes, forever his.
xo jo