This month is check up month for Maxamillion - ENT, OPTHO..., Urologist, Cranial, Allergist, E.I. (early intervention) and so on. I go with my heart pumping that "they" are going to find "something". It is exhausting. Maxamillion doesn't enjoy it and has become an expert at pointing out the EXIT signs, walking in the other direction when someone in a white coat comes towards him and even a bribe of candy does not convince him that somebody sticking something in his ear, is ok.

Our last check up is next week with the head of the Cranial Disorders Unit at Monte. We love our Dr Shanske and many could take a leaf out of his book. He has seen "it all" and is a man in demand, yet he makes you feel like you are his only patient.

When I go down to the hospital it always makes me thankful for the struggles that we have, when I sit beside a parent with a child who has obvious cranial issues. Sometimes I chat but mostly we communicate through smiles as many of his patients are hispanic with gorgeous big brown eyes and wide wonderful smiles - many repaired smiles like Max's. I wish I could speak spanish.
I am planning to spend a morning down there after Art Is...You and just sit and create art and encourage the children waiting to participate. I need to give back. I have been taken down this road for a reason. Trusting this, is a journey in itself.

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dime store daze said...

Your Sweet Max...Looks like a doll. These kids are so strong they can teach us alot about handling life..
I'd loved to meet Max one day...
caio my friend