17 Years ago we did this!

1 Couple, 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen, 6 blond haired flower girls with six matching dolly's, parents, grandparents, and 200 friends!

Saturday 14 September, 1991 was a day when the church had their mini fete in the morning, so Nanny was able to shop for her marmalade and lemon butter before getting the best seat in the house. We arrived by bus to be greeted by the shoppers at the fete who were extra thrilled to get "a wedding to watch"!

It was a church service with 3 cameras (I was working at a video production house) which happily filmed Big Kel when she was little Kel, sticking her head through the puplit carvings whilst her father did the reading. Then who can forget little Julie (still in nappies) who had to be carried down the aisle.

It was a day when one of our best friends, Rob, married us and a day when my best friend and housemate had wished he had listened to his mother when she said get a new suit for the wedding - because when he was called up to witness this day with us, he couldn't do his jacket up!

We came came down the aisle to this piece of music and bobbed back up the aisle to Hooked on Marching!!

Then afternoon tea for everyone, juke box dancing and a cake shaped like a hat. A wild afternoon that left everyone happy and loving life. For they do say a wedding is not for the bride and groom but for those around them - reminding them for just a moment how wonderful life and love is.

I think back to that very wild and wonderful day and I think of all the people who are no longer with us and some who are now stepping out and having a huge, wonderful impact on this world (Big Kel and Jules) but mostly I think about Aunty Helen Blom who never married who told me that on this day every year I must remember why I did this and remember the feelings I had at that moment because she said, they will take you through to your next year.....

Happy Anniversary to the boy who just "gets me" - always has and always will. Now can you go put the coffee on and change Maxamillion's nappy?

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JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Congrats Sal. How lovely. Ron and I will have our 18th next month. I love how you ended that, a man that gets me, always has and always will. That is how I feel about Ron too. Isn't it grand!
xo jo