Who's Got that Sunday Feeling?

The crickets are once again out in full force, the car has been washed and vacuumed. Rose is tidying her room and discovering the ancient fossiles in her back pack. I have been busy doing Art is prep.

Had a great day yesterday at Ikea - gosh I love that place. Maximan has a lovely Godbrother Patrick and we helped his mum pick out new furniture and prints to change his room from Americana (which I love) to Broadway/Times Square. Neil is heading over there this afternoon to finish putting all the furniture together with the promise of cinnamon buns at the end of the session...he is so predictable.

Via Creative Blog today I found 4:53am and from there found Crafty Crow and and from there found Chasing Cheerios (check it out Aunty Sa). I particular like this post on Toddler Activities. Then she led me to OnelittleTwolittle and she led me to TotBooks - I wish they would home school me!! So many great ideas. Now to find the time!

Looking for time brought me to counting down the days:

56 Days until Mum gets here

60 Days until ART IS...YOU - THE Eastcoast Art Retreat

120 Days until we have our Christmas Holiday back HOME!!!

3.5 hours until Max wakes up and peace ends.

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