Sesame Wednesday

Where I thought I had "done" the Wiggles, Teletubbies (Max speaks the same language) and all other sundry children's shows....I am now back in the thick of it and I don't know if it is because I am older and wiser (LOL) ... but I have come to really enjoy the Bert and Ernie sequences on Sesame! So I have decided to share a treasure each Wednesday. Most of them come from the early Jim Henson days and all of them have a simplicitic little message.


Written by Joe Raposo sung by Ernie (Jim Henson)

Here in the middle of imagination
Right in the middle of my head,
I close my eyes and my home isn't home,
And my bed isn't really my bed.

I look inside and discover things,
That are sometimes strange and new,
And the most remarkable thoughts I think,
Have a way of being true.

Here in the middle of imagination
Right in the middle of my mind,
I close my eyes and the night isn't dark
And the things that I lose, I find.
Time stands still and the night is clear,
And the wind is warm and fair,
And the nicest place is the middle of imagination
When ... I'm ... there ...

Living here has given me the opportunity to expand on my imagination (it has always been pretty good...I still think the boogie man is under the bed) and this opportunity has been given to me by the wonderful women I have met through art.

Women who use their imagination every single day to create something special which will capture somebody else's imagination so much so that they in turn take it home to enjoy. Am I making sense? I have an entire area in my home dedicated to many women who have touched my "american" life - their imaginations all gathered in one place for me to enjoy.

Could internationally acclaimed sculptor Henry Moore, ever imagine that his largest outdoor exhibition ever presented in a single venue in America, set against the Bronx Botanical Garden’s sweeping 250-acre landscape and spring blooms.....

...being a wonderful resting place

.... or climbing space?

And what about this new glass staircase in the middle of NYC. Unique in its design, working with existing elements of a floor to ceiling fish tank...

Allowing for meetings to take place directly underneath it so as to utilize all available building space... This was from somebody's imagination and I can proudly say that the Engineer took this person's imagination and made it a reality!

He also made sure that the glass was created in a non see-through way so that employees (of the skirt/dress kind) did not have to go out and buy pants!!!

Most things that we have in our lives comes from the imagination, so really we have a little bit of Ernie and Bert in all of us!

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