Ikea, Tempered Glass and unique uses for coffee tables

Dear Ikea,
Please think about wrapping your glass in something more than brown paper when packaging it with an ultraheavy coffee table kit.
Love Customer

Dear Graduate,
Please tell me what type of glass this is, why it broke, where it broke and can you put it back together.
Love The Engineer
Dear Home Handyman,
Tempered glass is designed to break into small pieces - "the rationale being that while you still get cut, the cut is not big enough to take your arm off" (as quoted by the Engineer)
Love The Engineer (who had to have his wife take the small pieces of glass out of his feet!)

Dear Ikea, Thank you for ensuring the drawers in the new coffee table are versatile and strong enough to hold any treasure that you may have.

Love Customer

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

Max is adorable..love your blog Miss Sallianne!!! So much love on this page!!!