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One of our expat friends has three young kids (9, 7, 5) and to entertain them this summer, they are creating a mini newsletter each week. So Flossy decided she would do the entertainment report and I found this on the email! Now why can't the english essays be as descriptive and as easily forth coming?

Dear Reporters, I have an article that I hope can be used in your upcoming newspaper:

Jonas Brothers Concert Review

(HERSHEY)- Total darkness surrounds more than 30,000 fans of the Jonas Brothers. All are chanting "JONAS, JONAS" the excitement is increasing and people can't wait for them to come on stage. Suddenly, out of the ground we see three very familiar heads and hear a very familiar tune. Nick, Joe and Kevin, rise up playing a great song "That's Just the Way We Roll." When you thought the screaming couldn't get louder, it does. Throughout the show are wonderful lights and bangs, great songs both new and old, and even some tricks. In a song called "Goodnight and Goodbye," Nick Jonas performs some extraordinary stunts while singing. Cartwheels, flips and jumps attract even more screaming. Later it slows down when Nick plays an emotional song he wrote about his Type 1 Diabetes, "A Little Bit Longer" The Jonas Brothers wrap up the spectacular concert with two favorites, "When You Look Me in the Eyes" and "S.O.S." The Jonas Brothers latest album, "A Little Bit Longer" hits music shelves August 12th. I can predict that it will be a hit with millions. The Burnin' Up Tour has definitely been their best so far. I know I'm not alone when I say I can't wait to see more of these very talented band of brothers.

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