TreeHouse - SisBoom - Graduation

The week that flew was early June.

My second last Treehouse was filled with memories as my little girls decorated a pillow that we had printed with a special photo of their parent.

As these girls looked into the eyes of their fathers and mothers the memories flowed - she smelled of perfume, he smelled of lemon shampoo, he loved green, his beard tickled,

he loved playing with me and my sister, I remember his laugh.....and so it went for two hours of the most wonderful therapeutic time for us all.

Whilst sharing memories one little girl talked about how she learnt that for every soul who leaves the earth, another soul arrives...these are six year olds talking here.

So I got the opportunity to share with the girls - that on March 23, 2006, the day her Mum died, our little Max was born.

I felt like I had bestowed a gift of gold as I shared his photos with them all and especially with that little girl as her eyes glowed and she gasped with sad delight.

The following day was a lovely sunny day and we celebrated the "Moving Up Ceremony" at Rose's school.
She celebrated this day with a couple of awards and is now showing definite signs of being the Math Geek that her big cousin is!!

This is what you do when Graduation goes too long!

The start of the weekend was heralded by a trip to Jennifer Paganelli's magnificent hideaway home where we (Pamela Huntington and the Goddess and I) oohhed, aaarrhhed, sighed for about three hours.

I could go on about how talented, clever, wise and witty Jennifer is but the Goddess has done it for me and so has Pamela - so stop in and check out the pics!! I am so glad you are teaching at Art Is...2008 Jennifer! My mum is coming all the way from Australia to take your class!

Our week closed with a full weekend of recitals plus preparing for my final treehouse - Tiara Tea Party!

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