The Wonder of Love is its ability to overwhelm sorrow.

I approached my final Treehouse with a bitter sweet feeling. I knew I was going to be sad that this was the last official time of seeing my girls but also hoped that in some small way we had helped them to deal a little with the death of their parent.

We started the night with our Tiara Tea Party and a joyous occasion it was.

They all put on their Crowns - Gabriela you would have been so proud!

We laughed, we ate tiny cookies and we celebrated life.

Then we all gathered with the rest of TreeHouse 44 for the Pillow Ceremony - the most wonderful moment when all the pillows were attached to the tree and we took a moment to remember. You could feel each and every one of those souls in the room.

I can't begin to tell you how honored I felt to be there at that moment.

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Thank you so much for showing photos of this special event.
I am so proud of these girls and their tiaras.

~ Gabriela ~