Life is a fine act of Balance!

The Monday of Memorial Day was spent, cleaning the car (Neil style is actually now clean) and playing in the paddle pool .... ok my american friends ... you are right, it is a toboggan but we are much better at using it this way and it is still loads of fun! Note my new herb garden courtesy of the Goddess!

The week after Memorial Day we had the arrival of The Engineer's Mum (Nanna) and her lovely friend Ian who is a train buff!! I was busy preparing for Mini Camp (65 kids aged 3-5 - music and art!). But I had enough time to book a short weekend away for the visitors, MM and Neil.

They went off to see Thomas the Tank Engine.

Every Train Driver needs an oreo in one hand and the wheel in the other!

But whilst they were away...the girls did get to play. Flossy babysat Little Red and my Goddess, the generous hearted Pamela Huntington (We have found a kindred spirit) and I sped down to Tinsel Trading to sail away on our own little boats with Lisa Kettell.

A glorious day of glitter.

This was followed by a wonderful day of Shakespeare, performed by Flossy's class at school. When she asked me if I understood what she had said, I had to carefully explain that I didn't understand it the first time (20 plus years ago) but her presence on stage made up for it.

Following in the footsteps of her Great Grandmother ... Big Nan, our daughter is at home on stage!
This is what you do when Shakespeare gets too long!

The Awsome Foursome!

and so it was Sunday June 1st and I was still in New York and feeling weary from a wonderful weekend of art.

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