Memorial Weekend

This morning started with a call to my favorite Goddess. We discussed our plans for Sunday. The boys are going to do some electrics and dig up the backgarden and the girls are going to work on PR for Art is...

As I chatted to the Goddess, I baked for the boys! Banana Custard Pie and Passionfruit Pie. Yum!

Whilst I baked the big boy of our family did the gardening. My Savannah girl looks lovely in amongst her flowers.

Then it was off to the Mall to buy Flossy much needed garments and some shoes for us both! Home again and into Porch cleaning. Little does our Maxamillion know that underneath that cover there is SAND! I know I know... but hey... isn't that why vacuum cleaners were invented!

Tonight I plan to get stuck into our May Mona Lisa Challenge for Art Is....

Tomorrow it is Goddess and Engineer quality time and Monday...well let us just say that we are a month behind in book work for the accountant...!

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