Trust the Process - My First Treehouse

Do you know that saying "Out of the mouths of babes"? I was honored to exprience this last night at my very first TreeHouse. 26 families. 26 volunteers. 88 people in all. All together in one room.

In opening circle, our co-ordinator asked for a representative of each family to stand, say their name, say the names of their family and then say who died. There was an (understandable) pause but only momentarily when a (young) Grandfather stood to represent his wife and granddaughter and they were with us because his daughter had died. Then without pause, a little boy all of 4 years stood to represent his dad and siblings - his mum had died of Breast Cancer. It was like he had let the air out of the room because one by one families stood and shared. It was the most incredible moment I have experienced in a long time.

To have the opportunity to walk beside these people for the next eight weeks will be wonderful. To trust the process and trust myself is something I know will come to me naturally.

With that said I was off with my five little girls ranging in age from 6-8. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous and thank goodness for my 14 year old Flossy because I was able to keep up with the Jonas Brothers, Naked Brothers, Hannah Montana and High School Musical conversations!! They were seriously impressed with my knowledge. We all had to share one thing that we love. I shared the fact that I loved Glitter and that I was going to learn how to make tiara's next week at Tinsel. So they collectively decided that we would have a tea party with all things girly and I would show them how to make their own tiara's......

It was a wonderful night and feeling good I walked out the door and into the family of one of my girls. She promptly turned around to her Dad and said - this is the lady I told you about. She is Australian but she knows lots of things and she likes to do art like mom did!

I think I am going to learn a lot from these girls and in turn show them how to dance again.

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ellen said...

from the dresses to the treehouse...wonderful read!