It's Sunday and I am teaching my friend to lie...

all for a good cause of course!

This is a picture of two of my most special friends - "The Painted Lady", Me and "SuSu"

Our families have become one over the course of five years and it is all due to their daughter. On Flossy's first day of school, Miss J came up to her and said - "I would like to be your friend". That introduction has led to one of the most remarkable and special friendships our family has forged here in the US.

We have done many wonderful things together - pumpkin picking, skiing, family BBQ's, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, attended school concerts - basically anything that your family does with you - our families do together. When Maxamillion was born, they were all by our sides - blessing us with their family love and next week we celebrate this as they (and my other dearest, truest friend) become his Godmothers.

However, the truest sign of friendship came a couple of years ago during the Fall (Autumn!) when we had a weekend in Vermont and driving back to New York, they managed to stop every mile so that I could pick leaves from the trees!

A six hour journey turned into nine hours as we stopped to admire the trees, pick pumpkins and purchase the very delicious Maple syrup! I framed those leaves with this photo!

But back to the lie! The Painted Lady has her big "four O" on May 3rd but to throw her off the scent, we have planned a big surprise party for today and told her that it is for Maxamillion's 2nd Birthday! We have no backgarden so we asked if we could "use theirs"! She has helped put up the tent, she has helped set up the BBQ, she has helped put the drinks (that SuSu bought, dropped off at our place, and we brought back to their house) in ice buckets. To think that somebody who used to monitor the borders of this country has had the wool pulled so utterly and completely over her eyes is an absolutely delight and watching SuSu who has never lied in her life, do it so beautifully, has been extremely entertaining!

Oh and those two little girls who became friends five years ago? They are still the best of friends and love every moment spent together....especially when it is at the Jonas Brothers Concert!

I will report back in after the big event!

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