Success with Dress

Well Sunday came and many good intentions to sit and share but instead we had a major dress breakthrough...

Graduation Dress

Flossy has about 4 functions coming up that we need a pretty dress for. Now there are very clear instructions from school as to what these dresses can be...or not be! So I told her to Trust the Process and her mother and off we went to Dress Barn (a bit like Katies)...For almost 1.5 hours she stood in the fitting room and tried on every dress in the store whether she initially liked it or not and slowly without mother saying, she worked out that some dresses that she would never have tried on, actually suited her. Note... it was very helpful having staff that work on commission!
We left the store with 4 dresses and we were still friends!
Now that is a Bargain!

Piano Recital

Maxamillion Baptism

F.U.N Dance - Father/Uncle/Near Relative Dance

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