Hands - Are they not the most wonderful things?

Hands truly are a gift!

Do we take them for granted?
I think so.
How many uses do you know for hands?
I would be interested to hear from you.

Busy Hands ensure the washing gets done, that food is on the table and homework is done.

Clapping Hands celebrate joy, happiness and accomplishment.

Holding Hands express tenderness, love, friendship, affection and play.

Clasped Hands offer time to give thanks.

Hands can heal.

Hands can create.

Hands can give hope where there was none.

The posting of these photos is a big step for me but I feel so overwhelmed by the generosity of those around me, that I felt I needed to take this step.

This is little Max 18 months ago

This is Max today.

Miracle Hands

Thank you to our friends who celebrated Max's Baptism by donating funds to the wonderful Little Baby Face Foundation. Your donations will let miracle hands do for others what was done for Max.

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