Tiaras and all things that sparkle

I can't believe it has only been four days! Firstly I forgot to mention that my Treehouse was another wonderful evening of play and reflection.

We shared our feelings by popping balloons. Then we created wonderful boxes with thoughts and feelings associated with the parent who has died. The girls decorated until they could decorate no more....I have never seen so much glitter... well maybe with the Goddess... Then on a final note the girls blew "good feeling bubbles" into the air! Another night where we laughed and learnt the meaning of life from 6 year olds.

On Friday it was up to school to create chocolate topiaries. A fiddle but very enjoyable and all for a good cause...our main fundraising dinner for the year.

Saturday was a tremendous change of pace. The Goddess, her sister (and birthday girl) Mariah, our dearest Mer, and I piled into the car and drove off to Tinsel to create Tiara's with the terrific Terri Ventura , Lisa Kettell and our phenomenal teacher Gabriela Delworth .

It was an afternoon of laughter, creating with the young girl inside each of us. The Queens of Tinsel stand royally at the end of the day to wave.

Then it was back into the car and into the traffic caused by the Pope! We felt that our tiara's were quite comparable to his and spending an afternoon making them whilst he was in our city seemed apt.

Stayed tuned for the launch of Lisa's fabulous book .

Sunday we celebrated the birth and life of Maxamillion. 70 guests plus regular congregation gathered to watch Max be baptised. Our dear friend sang "This little light of mine", Maxamillion's godbrothers and sisters read the readings and shared prayers and many brought a donation for The Little Baby Face Foundation, which made my heart flow with gratitude.

Fears of Maxamillion setting himself alight with the church alter candles, tipping over the baptismal bowl or climbing under Pastor Deric's robe's disappated as we moved downstairs to cut the ulmighty and delicious (Chocolate, cream with crushed up oreo) cake!

We had a lovely morning tea surrounded by the families who have become our friends over the past five years. We are blessed to have so many people from the different areas of our life and seeing a few people that I had not seen in weeks was just wonderful. Promises of luncheons and cups of tea were thrown out across the room, golf dates were set and the kids gobbled the M&M's that I had put all over the table.

When proceedings got a little loud for the young man, he enjoyed disappearing under the table to munch on some of those M&M's that seemed to find there way down there!

Few people know that they have the power to bless life. We bless the life in each other far more than we realize. Many simple, ordinary things that we do can affect those around us in profound ways. Our friends have done this for us and whilst we missed our family tremendously on this special day, we felt honored to have shared it with so many wonderful American friends.

Reality came home to roost this morning with The Engineer taking off for a couple of days...I don't even know where he has gone this time! A quiet day at the music school due to Spring break meant I got a great deal done and as I write, Maxamillion is having a therapy session with the lovely Kathy.

Have a lovely week.

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