Communicating with Art

Well yes, it is Wednesday but I had such a great moment last night that I wanted to share. I have been doing an eight week course with the Bereavement Center to enable me to work at the Treehouse. Put simply this is an organization that helps parents and children cope with the loss of a parent/spouse or sibling.

Last night I had my first experience. I was working with a little girl aged about 7 but she looked all of 5. Her Mum had died. She arrived in a very solomn state and did not say a peep for the first two hours (the night is three hours long) but I sat and talked to her whilst we made paper flowers.

She colored, and I misted the paper spreading the colors, dried them and attached them to chenille stix (pipe cleaners), with buttons and ribbons. As the bouquet grew so did her confidence and with every flower, she would give me a smile.

She left laughing.

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. --Richard Bach


Phyl said...

I will be interested in keeping up with your blog; something led me to you and the info on The Bereavement Center tonight, just when our family needed it!Thank you for mentioning it today;and God bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing about all you're adventures - but reading this makes me miss you too much! Give birthday boy a kiss from me on Sunday xxx big k