The coffee is on ... Thank you inventor of coffee machine... and everyone is still asleep! I confess this is my favourite (I put the U in just for Nanny) time of the day.
At this time of the day, my father used to wake me, my brother & sister in the early hours each day by scrubbing his unshaven face across ours and then tucking us back into our sheets with the fluffy toys that remain on your bed because even though you are way too old to play with them anymore...there is still a need to have them there!

So yes...my fav time of the day.

What a whirlwind week! Miss Floss romped it in, in her exams. She got 50% more in her maths exam than I ever got (work that one out Keryn) and 100% in science (I think Mrs D would have fallen off her chair if that had happened to me). So she came home looking for a reward - "ALL my friends get rewards, dinners, clothes...for doing well....so how about it?" Well I went out on Friday and at great expense bought her a new lamp, wrote on the box in blue texta - Congrats on the marks luv Mum & Dad, then put it on the stairs where she would see it after coming home from babysitting...needless to say she was speechless and in this house that is a feat!
Of course her week was spent enjoying Spirit Week where more time and energy was spent on what costume she was wearing on what day ... celebrity, favorite celebration, crazy/mismatch day and...oh dear can't remember. I commented that more effort was spent on this week than last week during exams to which The Engineer then commented that this week she is mini me and last week she was mini him...he then thought about that comment and counteracted it with ...well she could have been mini you last week too but that doesn't explain the marks!!! .....in case you are wondering he is sleeping on the couch this morning!

The Engineer had a week which was filled with talking to China. So just how do you video conference with China and discuss drawings that are numbered in Chinese characters? Well....you write the phonetic translation of the numbers up on the white board where the client can't see and then proceed to throw them off their game by being able to call for the various drawings in Chinese! Once again everyone loves The Engineer! Talking to China means coming home at 2am of course which means dinner at 2am and he only has this so he can have bread and butter pudding that I have made for dessert! Now for those that know him, you wonder, why wouldn't he just go for the pudding? Well, you don't pass up meatloaf, mash & peas.

Maxamillion is still trashing the place, drawing on everything and would like everything served to him in a bottle ...the one with a teat not a cork! He brings us all a lot of laughs and is trying very hard to talk. He has speech twice a week, special ed once a week and is about to begin OT and have his speech upped to 5 times a week. We try to tell "them" that with the genes he has been blessed with, having him quiet for a couple of years is not a bad thing...but alas "these americans" don't listen and just want to fix! I must say with all that he receives in speech, physical and importantly medical - we are not complaining....we are very blessed to be surrounded by intelligent, active and informed professionals.
My week was a little wild - always too much to do. I keep trying to lose the Volunteer hat but it keeps getting back up on the hat rack...yes we actually now have a legitimate hat and coat rack! I am loving my new job in my music house, enjoying the families, enjoying the staff and enjoying working with one of my "newer" friends. She runs the joint! and runs it brilliantly. She is a phone girl and I am an email girl. She writes a letter in four sentences with correct grammar and I write a letter in two paragraphs and tell everyone how much I love them and then need to use spell check and grammar check! We get on extremely well! Bounce off each other and I am enjoying helping her make her dream of growing this wonderful music house into a reality. This is where Flossy takes piano and voice and this summer she will be doing guitar....She loves it all!

My week ended the best way it possibly could! With my friend. For the purposes of this blog she will be now known as The Goddess! Partly because we met in a class that she was teaching(called The Goddess Class) and partly because I think she is wonderful. We meet at Ikea because it is halfway between her house and my house (it takes us both an hour to get there). We have the $1.99 breakfast, then we shop, then we have coffee and a cinnamon bum (that is what my father calls them) and if we have time, we create. Although it took us almost two hours to get through the store (it is where I bought the lamp at "great expense") and we didn't even stop in the furniture sections, so no creating this week. We decided that Starbucks might be better (cheaper) next time.

Today we finish packing because we are off for a couple of days to renew the visas. Yes we are meeting up with the Easter Bunny in the Bahamas, celebrating the Maxillator's 2nd birthday and meeting our other aussie friends who are doing the same thing. Their little girl has told everyone that she is going to the Bahamas for a friend's birthday party! I am looking forward to watching Maxillator discover sand.

Then back to the real world again. Talking to China, going to school, drawing on the walls and trying to organize all of that into one manageable week!
This past week was Faculty Appreciation week at the music house. The students are encouraged to do an act of kindess towards their teacher. I put a great big poster board up with a statement "my teacher is...." and left some textas beside it! You should see it (reminds me that I should take a photo)...it is literally covered with words of laughter, thanks, gratitude...so simple but it made the kids happy to create it and it made the teachers feel a little loved too. Although the donuts I brought each day could have done both.

A little appreciation....Hershey Bar, Origami paper and ribbons

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