It's Sunday and I am in New York

We are coming up to five years worth of Sundays...

So after spending many hours enjoying the thoughts and words of many friends I have met whilst in the USA, I have decided to join the blogging crowd as much for my own satisfaction as it is to provide a place where my friends and family can log in, see what I have been up to, comment and I wont (hopefully) feel badly that I haven't sent a thesis home outlining the comings and goings of our lives!

Today was no different than any other recently. "Maxamillion" occupies a large part of my time but I love it. He is such a happy little man. "Flossy" slept in today, after a night of babysitting and a week of exams. The Engineer is spending Sunday afternoon at the office talking to China.

But back to this grand plan of Sunday musings. Maybe nobody except me will be interested in reading it. That's fine. I feel that it will be a great place to meander. Chat about life and activities and put down in black and white my thoughts about this world and the people who live in it.

Sunday water play!

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ellen said...

love it!

I will read it and it will probably lighten me up about writing in mine.