Five is a magic number



and Max is our magic man.

Getting home these days requires a lot more planning than it did five years ago. We have become in a large way less of a tourist and more of a local which means a lot more commitments by all of us to activities and people in our life.

So when I saw a window of time to get home, show the family that yes we still know the way home and to check they were all still alive and kicking…I took it. With I might add a little trepidation. It was only a year ago that I flew home alone not with Max but with some feral maniac in a Max suit. So I was not entirely looking forward to the unknown - even though living with Max we have learned to live more with the unknown, creating a comfort in the unpredictability of him now being a part of our life.


But a year on and who would have picked this little guy would sit so beautifully and behave so nicely - unlike the grownups beside us who made it clear when they first got on, that they were not at all happy to be sharing a row with a little man. Our flight was painless. We actually got some sleep and in the last hour when everyone , regardless of whether you are 5 or 85, has cabin fever, there is nothing like a new DS to keep the prince in a contented state.


Our two weeks home was a blur. With family also tied up with work, school and the general going’s on of life in progress, we fitted in cups of tea here, a play in the park there, a catch up with Bronte (oh my but I miss my Aussie Elephant Trunk cohort) plus lots of video games and swimming fun with the cousins.


Up to the vineyards we went for some quality time with Granny and Papa.

IMG_7104IMG_7109IMG_7107IMG_7110IMG_7103IMG_7123IMG_7125IMG_7108 IMG_7105

We discovered the joy of a chicken coop.


Granny in her wisdom showed the prince how to cuddle a chicken but was soon wondering whether that had been a wise decision as Max fell deeply and madly in love with the chickens and wanted to cuddle them all!! (Note to Clare and Karenne…make sure Wendy doesn’t see this post!)

IMG_7168IMG_7168aIMG_7169IMG_7170IMG_7171IMG_7173IMG_7174IMG_7175 (450 x 600)IMG_7177IMG_7178IMG_7179IMG_7180

The local zoo was another source of entertainment and all at Granny’s expense. She had kangaroos and goats jumping all over her to get to the food she had in her hand and Max thought it was rather funny. I did too but I had to be careful not to show how funny I thought it was…


Of course no sooner had we arrived at the vineyards but we had to then depart back to Sydney.


Sadly very little time for me to spend with my Nanny who means the world to me. Max discovered the remote control for Nanny’s bed/tv/light and then proceeded to make her go up and down, lights on and off, and explain to her that Sponge Bob was way better than THE BOLD! It was Nanny’s generous patience in this short moment that made it bitter sweet for me. When the time came to depart, I kissed her and hugged her tightly and left with her words ringing in my ears “Be my good girl Sal” “Live a happy life”.

Of course the last I heard she was out of hospital and back at the club playing Bingo and winning more meat trays…you can’t keep a great girl down for long!!

Our final destination was the backyard pool, trampoline and story times with our cousins, gorgeous aunty and a crazy uncle.


Back to the airport we went. My seasoned traveller telling people in line to take off their shoes, telling the pilot to “rally rally” while we sat on the tarmac and delighting his mother with another stress free and somewhat entertaining trip back to the states. Too bad if you have issues with having your own body space invaded. The prince befriended many a folk who were quietly minding their own business watching videos, playing games or surfing the net…and in doing so managed to cajole quite a few into sharing their computer time with him.

Arriving back home I noted that all the pre-prepared dinners were still in the freezer and there was new snow on the ground. A sure sign that while I had felt my life had been a two week whirlwind, that home remained solid, firm and unchanged.

Postscript: What Granny doesn’t know…wont hurt her!


IMG_7269 (816 x 612)

Love Sallianne

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Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

What a gorgeous post! I am thrilled to get a peek of your Aussie life, and it looks so beautiful, I can't imagine how you can bear to leave. Max is quite the Mayor - that's what we used to call my son, who liked to meet and greet everyone also. Your Dad is just adorable and I'd like to see The Vineyards someday myself.