at peace


It is with a sense of contentment that I look at this photo and see the peace and joy on the face of my Kel and her Sisters.

Kelly and her Sisters

Four generations stand before you.  One embarking on a new journey and the other three who stand with love, proudly beside this wonderful young woman – their daughter, their grand daughter and their great grand daughter.  They too can be at peace knowing that they helped to mold and shape our beautiful Kelly into the young woman that she is today….although Granny couldn’t help herself…she had to make ALL of Kelly’s aprons and well…it was a big meat tray night at Bingo so Nanny had to run off after the service to ensure the family could be fed for the next week and then Bails, in the midst of all the well-wishers, I did hear that she had to review a toffee burn on the arm of Jules who created farewell chocolate honeycomb for the occasion.

Kelly and the generations

All in all a wonderful day and bon voyage.

Thank you to all of my friends who have sent blessings, kind words and encouragement to me, my family and my Kelly. 



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