And summer went where?


Our summer has been a blur and only a few of us have taken time to relax …. totally


We got through the “moving house” bit although boxes are still to be unpacked.  Maybe if they are not unpacked, it means I don’t need them….I certainly didn’t have all this stuff when we moved here!

So let us do a quick recap:

Rose sang up a storm in RENT and her lovely group of friends came for moral support


Next it was Roy and Claire  - no museums for these two!  First stop Costco…Claire channeled Mum while there and picked up ribbons.  Roy got an extra bag…for the ribbons.


Then the dancing banana at Stew’s – always good for at least 5 pushes of the button before moving to the dancing chickens.

Roy licking his lips and waiting to try the different oysters…this photo specially taken for Papa!


and then there was Max…what a good good boy…and thank you inventor of portable DVD players that work straight out of the box.


August arrived and the madness continued…this little unicorn galloped all day in his outfit which happens to be about 12 years old and would you believe a brief moment of “but that’s my dress-up outfit”, was experienced by the now Queen of Lord and Taylor!

IMG_5511 IMG_5500

(subtitled…this better not be going on your blog")

Then the gorgeous “Red” came to visit and have a holiday away from the rest of her tribe.  This photo was taken before Rose had indoctrinated her with the delights of L&T but by looking at the photo, you know it was only a matter of time!


We had our annual Day with Dolls where the Goddess and I worked behind the scenes with the wonderful women of our club who have taught me so much about life and about faith.


Pincushions…bigger is always better


Aprons designed by an Aussie (no not me!) and Doris (Pincushion queen)

I have just returned from Art In the Rough – read blog post here.

and the summer is not yet over!  We have the Goddess and Boompa coming today.  The boys are off to the baseball and the girls are setting up for a big big weekend next weekend where we are hosting 14 people for a workshop with the incomparable and very Australian Judy Wilkenfeld.   We have the team from ARUP coming for the annual “Neil invites you to lunch but hasn’t told Sal yet”.

It is about 3am right now and I will sign off because it will not be long before this little guy will be calling!


Love Sallianne xx

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Laura said...

Max the unicorn is just too precious- he totally captured my heart when I met him.