Family where you least expect it


It is coming up to seven years of Sundays in NYC and we have tried very hard to create what we love but didn’t realize how much until it was miles away back home…



Christmas Eve was spent with our lovely friends who have been in our NYC life almost since our first day.  They have supported us in our endeavors, supported us in our stressful times and cared for us when we needed it.  They have shown us that genetic links are not required in order to celebrate family moments.   IMG_2732

Baker extraordinaire – amazing chocolate cake that gives EE’s Mud Cake a run for its money!


Brothers in every way. PK has loved Maxie Man even before he was born and more recently became his number 1 babysitter!


It was a happy night and a wonderful way to start our Christmas celebrations.

The following morning we celebrated the arrival of Santa – as previously reported but what I neglected to show was the exciting moment of unpacking …


the Australian parcels …


Please note family, that these are “posed” photos as per my request and that the joy expressed in these photos falls short of the true joy that we experienced knowing that we are loved, not forgotten and are worth the postage!

The following day we drove up to CT to celebrate with our favorite Goddess and her family…


First things first…WINE!


Then it goes without saying that dessert comes first when it is from Martine’s Fine Bake Shoppe.


Finally a gingerbread house that is completely and utterly edible – it was DEMOLISHED!


Spoiling from Ma was also on the agenda. 


Can you talk to the animals?


Post dinner snuggles with J Man


and with my big sister!


and one for the dressing table!


We are very blessed to be surrounded by so many people who choose to include us in their lives and for that I count my blessings as many…although a Martine’s Orange Cake does sweeten the process.

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