For the Benefit of the Relatives

Namely Gran, Nanna and Nanny – who spent way too much on postage but who all ensured we had a lovely morning.  This entry is for you!


Like a little fairy came visiting, the parcels arrived under the tree on Christmas Eve.

IMG_2753 IMG_2754

It was kisses all around for my birthday presents from Nanny and Gran.  If you look v. closely you will see my present from Neil.  A necklace made by the incomparable Dara DiMagano – I have worn it every single day since receiving it.  I LOVE IT!

I also loved the papers, cards, craft kits and watch that I received.  Although max stole the watch and proceeded to say “Oh No” when I asked him what was wrong, he showed me that “numbers are gone” – yes it is a watch with only a 12 3 6 9 showing!


Now what do we do Rosie?


Hang on everyone Diego is doing something really important!


WOW! – books, cd player and mini projector all in one big box.


Not sure what we were thrilled about here.  Rose of course has accepted the course of the morning and decided to save some of her sack until Max had depleted his.


This plastic packaging gives me the …


(Best nine bucks ever spent!)

IMG_2766  IMG_2768

Now how many concerts can I take this little beauty too!


wow wow wubbzy – our best friend in the whole wide world…

I recommend if you have never watched an episode to do so.  He is wonderful and the songs are brilliant for teaching life’s important things – many of which we all forget!


…so it is now 7.30am. It is Boxing Day and Max is asking for milk.  (Actually it is now Wed 30 and realize that my blog has been sitting in drafts! and today I am off to Nashville with flossy and number 1 niece.

The rest of Christmas, Disney and Stockings for the kids and boxing day with the Goddess are yet to come.

Love Sal x

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JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hi Sal, Your home is truly magical! I'm coming there next year :) What fun! You are so gifted in the decorating department, that is for sure, among your many other talents. Love the outside too. Loved seeing my dolls :) Well, wanted to send you a very happy 2010 wish. Sending love and hugs,