Trick or Treat


We had the unique opportunity this year to celebrate Halloween through the eyes, ears, mouth of a three year old!  A week of celebrations at school, including picking his own pumpkin from the special pumpkin patch, closed with the climax of Trick or Treating – a term that Max has come to know and love!


Joined by his sister and her friend, Max dressed as a Yankee which was in keeping with Flossy’s current obsession and of course with the night, seeing as the Yankee’s whipped the Phillies while we were all gathering candy…


We headed out and up the street knocking on doors and ringing on bells.  Without missing a beat Max would cry out “Trick or Treat” and to his amazement the person at the front door would give him a treat.  At the first couple of stops, he actually wanted to go inside and visit but slowly he got the hang of the Trick or Treat cry and the subsequent delivery of candy!



Returning home, he shared his loot with his father – much to his father’s delight and then proceeded to spend the night answering our own door when the bell rang.  When seeing the children, he would also cry out “Trick or Treat” and to their astonishment, he would then check out the contents of each of their bags and transfer said delights to his own bag!  Fortunately, the children were most understanding and particularly willing once they realized I had plenty of candy to refill what was taken…IMG_1782   

He bounced off the walls until 8pm, then it was into our glow-in-the- dark skeleton pj’s and off to ghostly dreams and sleep.

My Halloween treat followed the next evening with dinner and the viewing of Blaze with my girlfriends and our daughters. 


Pumpkins glowed above us and around us.  There were dinosaurs and ants, bees and fairies.  There were graves and skeletons, ghosts and aliens.  Fish, crabs and boats – sunflowers, faces and celtic art and all were created with pumpkins.

IMG_1838 IMG_1845  IMG_1843IMG_1841 IMG_1840 IMG_1839

There was a glorious orange glow of creativity reflected all around us and like children we oo’d and aah’d over the talent, the time, the planning and the execution of such a phenomenal display.

IMG_1817 IMG_1816  IMG_1802 IMG_1801


We had a fabulous time and as one of the last to leave, the girls forgot to be cool for a moment and gave in to one mother’s delight.


It would be nice if they could be still like scarecrows for a little longer.  Life is moving so fast and it is in these rare moments that we find joy in each other’s company and the company of our friends.


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