For Mrs. Pom


Dear Mrs. Pom;

As the leaves turn and the wind starts to whip, I realize that we never thanked you properly for leading us to the wonderful world of the Cape. We started our holiday by stopping in at the wonderful town of Newport, where we fell in love with LIVE Lobsters and we discovered that we couldn’t stay with them all day even if we did try to have a “sit in”.


Our first morning started early…


we watched the sun rise before setting out on our first of many walks, down to the water’s edge.


If we could have stayed here for the next 12 hours we would have. If Max could talk, he would have simply declared this “heaven on earth”.

IMG_0990 IMG_0989

But it was back to the room to rest and relax…


before heading out to discover the wonderful world of Putt Putt.



We discovered that only balls fit down the holes, and that you don’t need a club to actually play the game.



and we really wished that we could hop in and swim with the fish.IMG_1102

We enjoyed the obligatory ice cream across the road from putt putt

IMG_1115 IMG_1114

and headed back to make friends with our new weekend neighbors (both in their 90’s and have been staying here for over 20 years…apparently we were in their “usual” room but it was ok because next door had a new lounge!). Note: I sent Max outside to “play” and this is where I found him.


Every day started like the day beforeIMG_1025


IMG_1037 IMG_0947

The last time I made sandcastles was with sleeping beauty. The only difference was she would decorate them as opposed to trashing them!

We flew kites … an interesting exercise watching the Engineer mathematically work out how long the string should be and which way you should stand and where

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

…it became clear when it was time to let someone else have a turn. IMG_1133

Max proceeded to just let the string unwind from the holder and watch the kite go higher and higher and higher. At one point he looked over at his father and you could tell he was thinking… “Now this is how you fly a kite”.


(yes…this is the second shot of Max flying his kite)IMG_1136

We played piggy back…


and attempted family portraits…


IMG_1092 IMG_1091 IMG_1090 IMG_1089

IMG_1076 IMG_1073IMG_1075 IMG_1074

We even did a little reading and a little creating…


We preferred the big bed to our crib


and “we” were excited to see condensation. No holiday is complete without the Engineer photographing glass performing under different temperatures…


Importantly it was a weekend of connection with each other, reminding ourselves that spending time together is so very important.


Thank you Mrs Pom for our memorable 2009 Summer Holiday – discovering another beautiful part of the wonderful USA and remembering that a diet of sandcastles, seagulls and shells – is good for the soul.

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