Little Gibby

Once upon a time there was aThree kids little boy who would only wear polo shirts that had a top pocket.  Why? because his friend “Little Gibby” lived in his top pocket and kept him company every day.  This little boy was (is and always will be) the apple of his parent’s eye.  He could do no wrong (even when he did…which was often). 

Gibby as he became affectionately known, is an expert on just about everything. 

He is a gifted musician…violin, pipe and electronic organ, and keyboard.  He can sit down at a keyboard and just play a tune 2 seconds after he has heard it. Annoying really. Yes jealously can rear it’s ugly head even in blog writing!

He is a fabulous handyman with his skills being demonstrated early in life.  He would often alter furniture to fit his (essential) needs. Neil and I were lucky enough to inherit one of these exceptional pieces. A bookcase filled with jagged holes which at various times had provided the necessary outlet for the current home audio system being installed.

He is a gifted vegetable farmer but the less we say about the vegetable patch out the back and the subsequent burning off, the better.

He has the gift of the gab which in our family is actually pretty hereditary but instead of keeping this gift to himself (and his loved ones), he has managed to make a living out of it and to change people’s lives because of it.

The definition of joy for me is to finally have someone who I can discuss all of Gib’s idiosyncrasies.  I believe it is her definition of joy too!

He is passionate.  He is a comic.  He is loving.  He is strong willed (how much would he love to know the password on this entry!). He loves his family and knows all the right things to do to win points…He is a master negotiator.  He is a good friend.  He is a streaker.  He loves grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches, mum’s baked potatoes, mum’s tuna mornay and anything that Chesh cooks.

However after many years of dictating every flow…..he is now  dictated by two little guys (and one girl who tries her best) and he loves every minute of it.


I am lucky to have him as my brother.  There are very few people in this world who understand the complex character that I am – he is one of them.  I love him and he loves me.


Happy Birthday Gib!

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