Gifts for Others


I marveled last summer when a new reality show hit the tv.  “Oprah’s Big Give” - a show where Oprah gave several willing participants the opportunity and the cash flow to make something happen for someone else. 

Everyone was talking about the show. 

Everyone was tuning in.   

Morning Show hosts discussed the success of the program with great interest.  Yet I laughed at what I have known for so long. 

The simple act of giving to somebody else has a powerful ripple effect that can not be controlled once that first ripple bubbles.

I have spent my professional life giving to others and (fortunately) getting paid to do it. 

What is an Incentive and Sales Conference if it isn‘t just one “Big Give”.  A BIG GIVE that empowers the receivers to go out and work hard in the job that they love … why? Because they were just told they were great! They were unbeatable! They have the power!  I would always - always, come away from these events empowered and invigorated…even if my feet didn’t feel like they were my own anymore because I had been standing on them for 72 hours straight!!! 

Following closely in the footsteps of my mother, I receive a great deal of joy when giving to others.  Giving to others makes me feel complete.  Giving a little bit of creativity takes it one step further because you are truly giving a part of yourself when sharing your creations.

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The power that we  have as people to make another person’s day a little brighter is within everyone’s reach and I love the fact that my hands are always full.

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