My dad celebrated another birthday this week.

I miss him terribly.

He is my mate. The one who has understood me (and that takes an extra amount of brain power and patience) from the day I was born. Perhaps it was because I remind him of mum? Perhaps it was because I was the poor forgotten middle child?!!!! Perhaps it was because I had freckles on my face....something as a child I hated so much that I remember sitting on his lap and he would get the eraser out of his desk drawer and rub them out! Whatever it and I have had a connection that I love.

He has taught me a great deal in life .... Do it once - do it well; Always have clean shoes; always clean the pool in your underwear; always have a clean car; always trim a tree when there is a trampoline underneath you; eat your honey out of a sherry flagon; live in a two storey house so you can thump the floor when the tea is ready; eat violet crumble bars; be thankful for orthodontists; that the best tasting fish is that which has been caught on your own line (or brought home from the fishmarkets, in a backpack on the back of the bike); be a friend; be kind; drink red wine out of a highheel shoe...and I could go on....

I think of him when I eat mushrooms. I think of him when I smell fish. I think of him when I clean Rose's softball boots. I think of him when I tuck Mighty Max into bed and surround him with his toys. I think of him when I am not understood. I think of him everyday. I am glad he is my dad.

Love you Papa.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Slan.....I have tears in my eyes.
Thanks darling.

Your Dad & Papa....LOve you