It's Sunday and it was the first day of Elephant Trunk!

The sky was a midnight blue, the coffee was in the thermos, the Engineer, MightyMax & flossy were sound asleep. Bliss. But my state of bliss was because my flea market pal and I were off to celebrate the commencement of spring with Day 1 of Elephant Trunk.

We have been looking forward to this day for months. We quivered with glee at the sign of vans and tents lined up as far as the eye could see - It was a BIG one! With the smells of mini cinnamon donuts, fried dough and hot coffee permeating the air, we wandered with a purpose. Everyone was laughing, welcoming each other and soaking in the thought that this was the first of so many wonderful mornings to be enjoyed. There were bargains to be had and there were also sellers with huge tags on their stuff - obvious they had the first day bug....they will soon learn....

There were things for Pam, dominoes for Janette, bottles for Jo, there were helmets for Neil...they didn't come home!!

What did come home?

and for the old boy?...this fabo baseball scoreboard

Do you not just love this face?

If I could have found a perfectly good reason to spend $125 on one of these heads I would have. Gorgeous!

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sandee said...

I so wish I could have been thee. I went to this flea market many times last year. It is a great place!