Good things come in Green Packages

On a rainy afternoon, when we have exhausted all our usual activities and we were starting to request "horsy"... which means mother on hands and knees and mighty max riding on her back (yes it is a sight)... the mail man came to the rescue.

With a suitable "Wowwwww" (he has perfected it), Max opened his little box from Papa.

Was it deliberate to send the surprise in an old Pears box? Whenever I see a cake of Pears soap, I think of one person...GG or "the original" Granny Crow who loved this brand as soap as much as she loved baking walnuts into everything she made.

Can I drive it on my chest? Moments after this photo was taken, we drove it in our hair, resulting in a tangled mess of 4WD toy wheels wrapped in snowy blonde curls combined with an almighty scream that makes me wonder whether he really is a red head underneath it all!

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