A girlz Saturday

This past weekend my girlfriend Ellen and I drove to Rhode Island to participate in a Self Portrait class being run by the gorgeous Tracy and Allison Stilwell. Opening their home to the participants, they gave us a day of play, a lunch of magnificent proportions (who got the last scone?) and an opportunity to share, laugh, drink tea and forget about the washing.

The Venue -

The girlz have friends like these scattered amongst the ponds, daffodils and bees.

These cookies come mighty close to Karenne's anzacs.

and did I mention the scones?

The day of course was all about self expression....who are you really? Oh boy did I really want to go there? So I found a photo that I felt expressed the real me...it just happens to (in my opinion express the real Ellen too)....

Then with a little magic and a lot of "does that look good?"... "are you telling the truth?" ... "Is my nose wonky?".... I created....

In the preparation and lead up to this class it truly got me thinking a lot about myself and the complex character yet simple in nature (no family comments allowed) person that I am. So I decided to be simple in my description.

and the Goddess? Well as usual she just created with a heart and soul that I have come to know, love and admire. She just pulled fabric scraps from the basket. Mind you the fabric scrap basket at the artgirlz studio is certainly a scrap basket we would all love...I even included a big scrap at the bottom of my work - one because I loved it and two because I know that it had been made with very very clever hands and if I rub it enough perhaps some of the magic will rub off onto my hands...yes?


Linda said...

I love this piece! and...yes.... God's work always is beyond the walls of the church.... at least we hope and pray it is!!! It sounds like you are on your way! My word verification below is beesmood! Can you believe it!

Ann said...

Fabulous piece and idea!! I love it.