Kitchens, Treehouse, Intrepid and Dance Class

It was a week that had something for everybody! Firstly Max got his dream kitchen, and has been busy cooking up a storm of cars, carrots, beads, and little tyke people!

There is never a week that we don't invest in water play. Usually we sit in the sink. This week I tried the "stand at the sink" option, but learnt that if one wishes to put ones head in the water, one will find a way to do it!

Then Tuesday was Treehouse Day. With the theme of being Thankful, I decided that we would create Thankful Treasure Chests. The chest was a water bottle and the children filled their chests with sand and various treasures.

I took glass pebbles and made little message pebbles with mom, dad, sister, brother, treehouse, love, God, peace, joy, family and the children mixed these pebbles with various little treats.

At the end of the night during closing circle, the children were able to share what they were thankful for. It was once again wonderful to find a vehicle on which these special kids could ride and share some of their inner most feelings. Once again, I felt priviledged to be in their presence.

The weekend came and with it the excitement of Sunday!! For Neil it was like Christmas...he, and the Goddess's boys gathered in NY to go to THE INTREPID! Whilst a very cold day, they had a wonderful time, did not get to see it all and were very grateful that the organized Sal had booked tickets ahead of time. So whilst the boys were in Militaria heaven, Flossy and her dearest friend went off to a wonderful dance studio just south of Times Square, where they enjoyed a dance class and got up close and personal with Alyson Stoner and Jordan "Jman" Francis (stars in Camp Rock) plus Kishaya Dudley (Choreographer - Camp Rock). They had a wonderful time.

Another new week has started and we are a step closer to visiting home. Bags are half packed, entertainment material for the flight is being gathered .... I asked the Enginner to start this and he went and got HIS book! He actually thinks that Mr M is going to sleep!! Flossy claims she isn't taking any clothes because Aunty Sa is going to help her shop when she gets home!

The stores are filled with Christmas, the radios are playing carols, the tree has been erected in the middle of the Rockefeller plaza. The air is getting colder and the bags of salt are now sitting at the front of all stores. Whilst I have come to love a cold christmas, I can not wait to sit in the sunshine on the porch at Kelman, with my Dad and watch the little boys chase Millie around the garden. Not long now Papa!

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