Flea Market Finds, Ugg Boots and Squirrels

I had every intention of writing to report in on our morning away. Flossy offered to babysit on Sunday morning which meant she lay on the couch wrapped up in her doona whilst Maxie Man trashed the joint.

We arrived home from our favorite flea market and gloated over some of our lovely things

Old Baby's cradle to go under the Christmas trees filled with gifts...

Lovely vintage ephemera for some of my favorite girls....

Old Ice Cream tub for my ribbons.....

Fresh vegetables and cranberries (plus card from the Goddess!)

After unpacking the collection, it was time to relax. Maxie Man discovered the Engineer's Uggs!

This morning I awoke at 4am to scratching sounds....

The baby squirrel liked the warmth! So he and I had a stand off for about an hour with the front door open (who loves heating the street?) and broom in hand, I was able to coax him outside.

So now it is 6:30, which is really 7:30 because my body can't switch over...so it will be dinner, a glass of wine, a tim tam (we ration them) and into bed to read and watch the election results.

P.S. I so hope he gets in!!!! I have booked Rose and Neil into a Washington DC hotel to see the inauguration and parade...they will freeze their butts off but it will be worth every minute.

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Tag Sell It Community Manager said...


It sounds like you had a great day, and purchased some good finds. I've been shaken more than one night from "intruders" so I know how you feel. He is a cute little guy though.

-The team at tagsellit.com