Ready For Gran

Well I think we are ready! I have been in a I tidy and clean and make everything just right? or do I just leave everything as is? The first means she has an arrival that allows her to sit and read a book the second means she has an arrival where she has to just get stuck into it and get us organized with no time for book reading!!

We have chosen both options. Bed made, Towels clean, teapot at the ready. Even the Goddess was concerned that Gran would have a freak at the Bisquick so she prepared the Pancake Supply Jar. If you have not had my mother's pancakes, you have not had pancakes!

But we are (deliberately) down to our last roll of toilet paper, we have no paper towels, the freezer is empty and Neil has counted out 15 coathangers to go with the 15 shirts.... Even the tupperware is all clean (and empty)...

I am so glad she will be joining us at Art Is...You in CT, then we are going to go to the Wool and Sheep Festival of NY, pumpkin picking, apple picking (so she can make stewed apple) and of course she is looking forward to Costco!

It is the simple things in life that my mother loves and nothing makes her happier than making sure her family is well cared for. Something she has done for over 40 years and now she is turning around and doing it all again for her grand children, who have learnt (particularly the older ones) that there are things that you don't even bother asking your mother for / or to do - they go straight to Gran.

Of course with Gran here, it means Papa and Mill hold the fort back home but it will not be long until we are setting up the Christmas tree, waiting for Santa and getting six cups of tea made for us on Christmas morning!

Have a happy Sunday. Ring your Mum and tell her you love her!

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