Gran - Day 1

After a delayed arrival, which meant I had to consume at least 8 cups of coffee to stay up past my 8.00pm bedtime, Granny arrived back on NY soil! Two incredibly heavy bags which were promptly emptied by Rose and Max this morning!

Note - these are only a few of the 25 packets of Tim Tams ...

The Engineer's favorite choccie and Granny always remembers!

There was so much that I had to put it all in the clothes basket and of course Max could not miss the opportunity of being a part of the treat basket!

Then it was off to Costco where we picked up ribbons, ribbons, ribbons (someone asked Mum if she owned a gift shop!) Plus supplies for all the frozen dinners. Home again for a big sleep (for Gran and Max) and then up for cooking, beer, wheel of fortune, dancing with the stars and back to bed. It is now all quiet on the NY front and very nice knowing there is a large Vat of pancake mix ready and waiting for tomorrow morning.


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

how fun indeed, to have your mom with you. Wow, look at all those treats! Can't wait to meet her.
I'm off in the morning, leaving here at 5am (8am your time).
see ya very soon.
xo jo

Anonymous said...

That is one riddiculously happy Max : ) can't say I blame him!