I love my girlfriends. My aussie girlfriends, my yanky girlfriends, my expat girlfriends and my online girlfriends. They keep me sane, give great advice, love wine (a pre-requisite), love art and love life.

On Tuesday I spent the day with girlfriends Ellen and Pamela at our home away from home BRIMFIELD! We met up with girlfriend Jeanette and enjoyed lunch together whilst swapping stories on our finds and what we hoped to find. We came home with our hands full of treasures and hearts full with joy. Spending time with your girlfriends is better than any medicine any doctor could give you.

Today I recall my post that I made marvelling at how hands truly create miracles. For today my dear girlfriend in Australia is on a roller coaster of emotions as her beautiful teenage daughter recovers from an eight hour transplant operation where she received two new lungs. This is a day of great joy. The "Queen of puzzles" has a new chance with life starting today. Yet somewhere another family will remember this day with sorrow with the loss of their own loved one. It is hard to comprehend this roller coaster of emotions.

The gift of giving brings the gift of life and for that I give thanks.

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