No Glitter but still creating

Sunday morning has ended (it is now midday) and I must say we have all been slightly creative. Lasagna, Rice Pudding, Butterscotch pudding, Chicken/Blue Cheese rolls and Honey Cornflake Biscuits. I am packing my bag for my sleep over on Monday night with the Goddess in readiness for Tuesday's Art Is...Brimfield Trip! Whist I was being creative, I looked down the hall to find that Max had creatively pushed the flyscreen up on the porch window and he had seemed to have grown 6 inches.

Closer inspection shows there are no flies on this boy!

Flossy is busy composing and learning to play some of her favorite Jonas songs. I had to take this photo because she looked so pretty with Jen Pag's flowers on the piano.

No photos of the Engineer...he is at work. But I just spoke to him and he was ready to tuck into one of those chicken blue cheese lettuce rolls (I made him three). He is enjoying a quiet Sunday at work and attempting to get something done. Tomorrow he is home (it is Labor Day weekend here) and he will be decluttering the camping gear!

School starts next week. I can not believe summer is nearing an end. Where did it go? Life seems to be speeding along at a great rate but I will enjoy slowing down on Tuesday when I spend the day with some of our Art Is...You teachers - Pamela Huntington, Janette Schuster and of course Ellen.

Enjoy what is left of your day - I am grabbing my tea, my Somerset Magazine (to check out the wonderful work of our Taryn Reece) and my Cloth Paper Scissors which requires reading the back page first so I can connect with Mrs Pom.


Anonymous said...

YUM!! especially gotta love those honey cornflake biscuits ;) We've had the chef here all afternoon practising for her big tafe cooking competition, so lots of nice goodies to eat. xo

Loretta said...

Wow - come cook for us on a Sunday morning!

Love seeing all of you!